Hire Influencer

Hire Influencer

Don't fall for fake followers, and don’t waste time asking for media kits. Choose only authentic Instagram influencers thanks to our advanced analytics.

Easy to Hire

Just tell us how and which item or products you wanna promote by which way. we will suggest you relevant influencers who already connected with us and available for your promotion.

Content Area

We normally work with those influencers who makes videos on youtube, who has a lots of insta, facebook or tiktok followers. they promote your brand on their official account.

Vetted Influencers

Every influencer is vetted by us. Always receive high-quality, professional content. we never promote or suggest any viral or fake person. we love to work with real and official accounts

Real-time data

Minute-by-minute access to campaign results. Access campaign task result breakdowns within seconds of executing.

Stats at-the-ready

Find the influencer that matches your campaign's objectives based on their stats - available anytime on your own database.

Total control

Ensure success, every time. Collaborate on driving even your most ambitious campaigns to success.

Frequently Ask Questions

Find answers to the most asked questions below. Or send us a message if you cannot find the answer below.

We are Press release experts. We made Press Release Distribution Simple. Distribute your news to traditional and digital media outlets using our user-friendly, proprietary cloud based platform.

We help you to cover Newspaper, help you to get media attention. promote your business or featured you on verious channels and magazine.

We usually take 7 days from placing the order to receiving your full information but we try to make it done within 5 days. But, this does not account for revisions.

The news sites we work with usually keep articles live for lifetime but the global plans publication remain live for 3-24 months. For the best SEO results, we recommend ordering at least once a month for any package or minimum 2 press coverage.

Most of the larger news sites tend to publish no-follow links, while smaller news sites are more likely to using do-follow links.

This news network is suited for most of our clients and includes 500+ news sites, including affiliates of major news sites including FOX and USA Today. also you can select any desire news site, if possible we will publish there too.

Our Coverage

We've got you covered. Our team of experienced writers can craft the perfect news story to generate interest in your brand. We then publish the story on over 500+ news sites to bring you massive exposure and even sales!